Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harry Potter on 'Roids

Lusting after 'Harry Potter?' That's right girls, Daniel Radcliff has grown into a fine young man!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

25-Year Old Golfer Found Dead (HEADLINE NEWS). Erica Blasberg, a 25-year-old golfer on the LPGA Tour, was found dead Sunday afternoon at her home in Henderson, Nevada. The circumstances are currently under investigation, but at first glance, it looks as if she may have taken her own life. Still authorities are investigating what family members claim is "something very, very strange about her death."

However, MW says that, as hard as it might be for family members to hear, she did take her own life. "From what I can 'see,' Erica was suffering from depression which may have also stemmed from alcohol and prescription drug use. I don't see any foul play here." More at under HEADLINE NEWS.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot investments now for 2012

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lindsay Lohan-It's only gonna get worse!

While the media tends to blame Lohan's ex-con father for her troubles, her mother, from what I can 'see' is the real culprit here, slowly drowning Lohan with her seething, self-absorbed anger. Seems the old crow plays favorites from one daughter to another in a sick game to gain control over her children. Fortunately, Lohan's father has managed to extract his daughter from lesbian Samantha Ronson's evil control, but he's certainly no match for evil Dina Lohan--whose care these children should have been taken from years ago.

Halle Berry split from baby daddy no surprise

What's the real reason behind Halle Berry's split from pretty boy toy baby daddy Gabriel Aubry? In the last issue of 'The Star Prophet,' we predicted that Aubry had little interest in taking on his fatherly duties. "He's a player and a narcissist, to put it quite simply," says M.W. "To make matters worse, Berry is a nervous, insecure mother herself who relies heavily on her nanny to rear her young child! I know this sounds harsh, but seriously, Berry needs to sort out her personal issues before having any more children!" View more commentary at under GOSSIP.